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Labor-Community Caravans Head to DC 6/28 to support Postal Community Hunger Strikers   Leave a comment

Cars, buses and vans of labor and community activists will form a Caravan to Washington, DC, in the early hours of Thursday, June 28, to join a mushrooming national hunger strike to save postal services and jobs.

The nationally organized hunger strike was initiated by Community and Postal Workers United, spearheaded by postal workers in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Denver, Detroit, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New Jersey and New York. (See

The caravan will start at 4 am in Newburgh, NY, where hunger striker and Mid-Hudson APWU President Debbie Szeredy will lead a delegation of postal workers and community leaders heading to DC. Debbie will explain the hunger strike and the fight to save the post office.

Next stop will be the James A. Farley General Post Office in New York City, at 8th Avenue & 33rd Street. A 6 am support rally and send-off is planned by Community-Labor United for Postal Jobs & Services (, with support from the National Conference of Black Trade Unionists, a coalition of public sector unionists from APWU, NALC, AFSCME District Council 37, the Transport Workers Union Local 100, United Federation of Teachers, and SEIU District 1199. Other participants include the South Bronx Community Congress, Parents to Improve School Transportation, and the Chelsea Tenants Council. Some of these groups will have delegations joining the caravan to DC.

Newark, NJ rally will take place at 7:30 am, hosted by the People’s Organization for Progress (POP), with members of the APWU, Mail Handlers and Letter Carriers.

The caravan will roll into Philadelphia at 9:30, for a rally organized by postal workers, longshore workers, Occupy Philadelphia, and other groups.

The caravan’s last stop before entering Washington will be in Baltimore, at 10:30 am. The Baltimore All-People’s Congress will hold a press conference and send-off rally, together with community and labor leaders and organizers.

On arrival in Washington, the caravanistas will join a national press conference of Hunger Strikers and their supporters, and help launch two days of protest and civil disobedience aimed at US Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe, and his rightwing supporters in Congress. 


Hunger Strike Endorsers (Partial List in Formation)

Community-Labor United for Postal Jobs & Services

Parents to Improve School Transportation (PIST)

Communication Workers of America Local 1180

South Bronx Community Congress

National Action Network Youth

Coalition of Black Trade Unionists

Donald Afflick, President, NYC Coalition of Black Trade Unionists

Chelsea Coalition on Housing

International Action Center

Sharon Eolis, International Action Center

Johnnie Stevens, Occupation Zip Code, PIST

Maximino Rivera, Founder, South Bronx Community Congress

Rosa Maria de la Torre, Organizer, Chelsea Coalition on Housing

Rev. Lydia Lebrón-Rivera, Grace United Methodist Church, Harlem

*Kendall Jackman, Picture the Homeless

Rev. Luís Barrios

*Charles Twist, New York Letter Carriers Branch 36, NALC

*Ed Figueroa, Shop Steward, Schools Division, SEIU-32BJ

*Frank Couget, Shop Steward, New York Letter Carriers Branch 36, NALC

*Angelo Vega, Freedom Party

Shahid Comrade, Pakistan Freedom Forum

Larry Lippman, Chelsea Coalition on Housing

Julio Muñoz, South Bronx Community Congress

Ray Figueroa, South Bronx Community Congress

Enrique Colon, South Bronx Community Congress

John Dennie, NPMHU 300, New York City, retired

Harry Beresford McNeary, Urban Rebuilding Initiative


*Jackie DiSalvo, Occupy Wall Street, Labor Working Group

Dave Welsh, NALC 214, San Francisco, past Executive VP

Joe Hirsch, National Postal Mail Handlers Local 300, New Jersey

Joe Piette, Retired Philadelphia Postal Worker, Local 157, NALC

Ethel Tobach, American Museum of Natural History, curator emeritus

John Curtis, Retired Letter Carrier, NALC Branch 391, Bangor, Maine,

Eddie Oquendo, National Mail Handlers Union Local 343, Charleston, SC

Walter Smith, Vice President, National Mail Handlers Union Local 343, Charleston, SC

*Mike Eilenfeldt, Delegate to NYC-Central Labor Council, Union@Cooper Union, NYSUT

Sam Stark, UAW, Southeast Michigan Jobs with Justice

Mack I. Julion, NALC Branch 11, Chicago IL, President

Clint Burelson, APWU 2354, Olympia WA, President

Ken Lerch, NALC Branch 3825, Rockville MD, President

Jim Cook, NALC 82, Portland OR, President

Tom Dodge, APWU 181, Baltimore MD

David Yao, APWU 28, Seattle WA, Vice President

Bill Schorsch, NALC 825, Oakbrook IL, Vice President

Renato Quintero, SEIU 49, Portland OR, Vice President

Stephen Lysaght, APWU 47, Walnut Creek CA, President

Richard Koritz, NALC 630, Greensboro NC, past President

Jamie Partridge, NALC 82, Portland OR, Organizing Committee

Greg Margolis, Jobs with Justice, Portland OR, Global Justice Chair

Dee Knight, Labor-Community Forum, South Bronx Community Congress

*Organizations listed for identification only

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Philly APWU Support rally for Hunger Strikers Wash June 28   Leave a comment

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NAN Youth Move Support Postal/Community Hunger Strike June 25-28   Leave a comment

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Postal workers set to deliver on DC hunger strike threat   Leave a comment

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Morgan Processing Plant Manhattan NY   Leave a comment
When one mail processing plant is closed, the mail from the area it formerly served is shipped to another mail processing plant, which may be several miles away, to be sorted, resulting in work overload at that plant and delays in delivery. Postmaster General Patrick F. Donahoe, whose salary is second only to that of President Obama, has proposed closing  229 processing plants nationally by 2014, with devastating consequences to the integrity of the network.
This sequence of mail delivery trucks waiting to be unloaded was filmed over a roughly 30 minute consecutive period on one day. It has been minimally edited. For commentary and analysis of the postal crisis and the impact of  plant closings, please see previous post on this channel or at mobilebroadcastnews/Newsroom/Squaring. Thank you.

YouTube – Videos from this email

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Join CLUPJS vans to Wash DC 28 , support Postal Community Hunger Strikers   Leave a comment

NEW YORK, June 19 2012–CLPUJS, a coalition of postal workers and supporters from the community held a rally today from 4 to 6 at the James A,. Farley General Post Office on 31st and Eighth Avenue in Manhattan in solidarity with the hunger strike which will take place Washington DC from June 25 at 8am to June 28 at 6pm. The hunger strike has been organized by Communities and Postal Workers United, a national movement to save the post office. For more info, see The purpose of the strike is to dramatize the fact that the 2006 Bush-era mandate requiring the post office to prefund its retiree pensions 75 years in advance, as opposed to the 20-30 year prefunding required of other government agencies, is literally starving the postal service. At the latest count 12 postal activists from throughout the US will be fasting for the four-day period. CLPUJS or Community-Labor United for Postal Jobs and Services will be taking a caravan to DC on June 28 to join the hunger strikers.Blog: Facebook: :saveyourpostoffice. See also interview with John Dennie in postal article by Liza Béar in The Villager, June 7.

YouTube – Videos from this email

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